Love your enemies. I invite you to join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Jesus is The Christ, the Holy Messiah.

  1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,
  2. often informally known as the LDS Church
  3. or the Mormon Church,
  4. is a nontrinitarian,
  5. Christian
  6. restorationist
  7. church
  8. that is the restored original church
  9. founded by Jesus Christ
  10. built upon a foundation of living apostles,
  11. prophets, seers, and revelators,
  12. Christ being the Chief cornerstone, and
  13. Our Heavenly Father being the Chief capstone. 
  14. The Father has a glorified resurrected body
  15. of flesh and bones
  16. as tangible as man’s,
  17. the Son also.
  18. The Holy Ghost is a man with a spirit body
  19. who bears witness of the Father and the Son.
  20. The Father and the Son appeared to The Prophet Joseph Smith
  21. and commissioned him as the Great Prophet of the Restoration
  22. through whom was revealed the Book of Mormon and
  23. sacred revelations, keys, covenants and authorities,
  24. including priesthood power to baptize by immersion,
  25. to lay on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost,
  26. to confer the priesthood authority on worthy men,
  27. to seal husband and wife and children together for eternity,
  28. providing vicarious baptism and other sacred ordinances
  29. for ancestors,
  30. thus restoring the original Church of Jesus Christ.
  31. I invite you to read The Book of Mormon,
  32. which is a second witness that Jesus is the Christ,
  33. and physical and spiritual proof Joseph Smith was
  34. the great Prophet as claimed.
  35. I invite you to contact the Church and study the gospel of Christ
  36. such that you have faith in Christ,
  37. repent of your sins and are baptized by one having proper priesthood.
  38. A free copy of the Book of Mormon is available at under the heading scriptures.
  39. You can contact the Church
  40. and arrange for two missionaries
  41. to teach you and help you attend Church and be baptized
  42. by calling 1-801-240-1000.
  43. We honor and love you.
  44. Please let me Richard Linford know when you are baptized
  45. at

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I work at being a good husband, dad, grandpa, neighbor, member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, attorney at law, writer, and artist. My witness to the world is that Jesus is The Christ, The Resurrected Holy Messiah, who will soon come to judge the world and begin his thousand year Millennial Reign of peace.