Who is Jesus of Nazareth? Jehovah, Jesus Christ, The Great Creator.

  1. His Father: Heavenly Father.
  2. His Mother: Mary.
  3. His step father: Joseph.
  4. He was born in Bethlehem, Judea.
  5. He was taken to Egypt when Herod killed the innocents.
  6. After death of Herod, Joseph settled the family in Nazareth.
  7. For this reason, Jesus is known as Jesus of Nazareth.
  8. Because of his biological Father, he is known as The Son of God the Eternal Father.
  9. He is also known as the son of Mary.
  10. Nativity Video:
  11. http://media2.ldscdn.org/assets/scripture-and-lesson-support/the-life-of-jesus-christ-bible-videos/2011-10-067-the-nativity-360p-eng.mp4?download=true




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